History and Profile


The Department of Fisheries & Animal Resources Development was created in 1991 after being bifurcated from the erstwhile Forestry, Fisheries & Animal Husbandry Department vide GA Department Resolution No.28038/Gen., dt. 10.10.1990. The Department acts as the nodal bureau for formulating plans, policies, and programs for Fisheries and the Animal Resources sector and ensuring its successful implementation.


Functions of the Directorate of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services

  • To improve the genetic potential of the livestock through organized breeding.
  • To provide quality livestock health care services in the state.
  • To educate the livestock owners in modern animal husbandry practices.
  • To promote animal welfare measures to reduce the suffering of animals and birds.
  • To provide livelihood to the farmers of the state through economic livestock and poultry rearing.


The Directorate is controlled by the Director, who is the Head of the Department. In the Directorate, 9 Additional Directors, 4 Joint Directors, 7 Deputy Directors, 3 Assistant Directors, and other supporting officers assist the Director.

In the field, there are 30 Chief District Veterinary Officers and 7 Joint Directors level-II in charge of 30 districts and 2 FSB, 2 OBPIs, VOTI & ADRI.

There are 154 numbers of Class-I (Senior Branch) officers that are designated as SDVO, ADVO, Dy Directors, etc. are functioning at the Sub-Division and District level. 355 numbers of Class-I (Junior Branch) officers and 549 numbers of Class-II (Group-B) officers are working at the block level to provide Veterinary Services to the livestock farmers of the state.