Services and Citizens’ Charter

The following Veterinary Services are being provided by the Department:


    Objective: To provide the ailing livestock and poultry birds timely and adequate treatment all over the state through field institutions.
    Objective: To ensure all the livestock population of the state to be free from endo & ecto parasites through regular deworming so as to improve the health condition.
    Objective: To protect the livestock against contagious disease(s) by routine vaccination.
    Objective: To ensure prompt and accurate diagnosis of disease/ causative agents so as to minimize morbidity, mortality and economic loss.
    Objective: To strengthen the early warning system (EWS) by proper investigation and collection of information for detection of possible disease occurrence.
  6. EMERGING DISEASES: (Goat Pox, Swine Flu, Bird Flu)
    Objective: To remain in preparedness by providing adequate training to the field functionaries, farmers and to strengthen the disease diagnostics services so as to meet any eventuality
    Objective: To provide prompt and timely service by active involvement in the process of rescue, relief and rehabilitation in the event of calamities


  1. Cross Breeding:
    The State has formulated its breeding policy vide resolution dated 8th March 1982, which was also notified in the State Gazette vide No. 4585-IV9/82 FYAH dated 2.4.1982 and which is in vogue till date. The Government of Odisha, Fisheries & Animal Resources Development Department vide letter No. 7978/FARD dated 29.4.99 has issued guidelines for effective implementation of the breeding policy. Following are the important features of the breeding policy:

      1. Crossbreeding with Holstein Frisian semen is to be undertaken in the specific pockets like urban areas and places having elite farmers limiting the exotic inheritance to 50%.
      2. Crossbreeding with Jersey is to be adopted through out the State limiting the exotic inheritance to 50%.
      1. Interested and elite farmers are to be given scope to develop and maintain crossbred animals up to the level of 62.5% of exotic blood.
      1. Facilities for breeding with Hariana for upgrading the local cattle should be made available throughout the State for which Hariana semen shall be made available at all AI centres. There will be coverage of breedable population under organized breeding ( AI & NaturalService).
  2. AI Activities:
    The Artificial Insemination activity in Odisha is primarily taken up by the stateAnimal Husbandry department and Milk Societies. Apart from it, the educated unemployed, mostly the rural youths, act as private Artificial Insemination workers (Gomitras) in inaccessible areas. Suitable arrangements have been made to provide doorstep services to the farmers to breed their animals.
  3. Production of Quality Semen:
    The Frozen Semen Bank Khapuria, Cuttack is the only unit for production and supply of quality semen to the whole state with a capacity of producing twelve lakh doses of semen every year.
  4. Logistics Related to Breeding:
    The Orissa Livestock Resources Development Society is the state implementing agency is responsible for supply of inputs to the field AI centers. Required quantity of breeding inputs like liquid nitrogen, semen straws, sheaths and other related items are being supplied in time to these institutes so that the availability services to the farmers is ensured.
  5. Crossbred Bull Production Programme for Semen Production through FPRS
    and FPTP
    As the population of cross bred female cattle in the state is increasing every year, it has been decided to take up the production of crossbred breeding bulls to maintain their blood level (50%) in subsequent generations. Elite cross bred cows according to their productive capacity have been identified through Field Performance Recording System (FPRS). The male calves born out of AI of these cows with proven sire semen will be selected as donor bulls. Two thousand such cows have been selected for insemination with semen of proven sires. Moreover, the CB bulls so selected as donors will be further put under Field Progeny Testing Programme (FPTP) for their evaluation and estimation of breeding values basing on which, they will be utilized as sires for future bull production.


Besides Healthcare and Breeding services, the Department provides Extension and Advisory services to the live stock farmers of the state.


Training & Capacity Building is an integral part of the service delivery mechanism of the Department. The Deapartment imparts training to the farmers for their capacity building to gain more out of livestock rearing.

Services and Citizens’ Charter

The following services are being provided to the public by the Department

  1. Treatment of Animals
  2. Biological Samples Examination
  3. Immunisation of Animals
  4. Castration
  5. Training of Farmers
  6. Artificial Insemination in Cattle and Buffalos
  7. Pregnancy Diagnosis
  8. Deworming of Animals
  9. Organisation of Animal Health Camps
  10. Mobile Veterinary Services
  11. Issuance of Animal Health Certificates
  12. Disaster Management Activities
  13. Fodder Cultivation Activities
  14. Nutritional Management of Animals
  15. Animal Husbandry Extension Services
  16. Advisory Services for Livestock Farmers
  17. Post Mortem Examination of Animals
  18. Dairy, Poultry, Small Animal & Fodder Development Activities
  19. Organisation of Fairs and Exhibitions
  20. Insurance of Animals

Under Animal Husbandry Extension Services through Mobile Advisory (AHESMA), 5 voice messages per day to each registered mobile numbers are being sent through the partnering agency M/s Vodafone Ltd.
All the farmers of the state irrespective of registration can access the toll free number 1800 123 0006 to address their queries related to Animal Husbandry.