Welcome to the Directorate of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services

The Livestock Sector in Odisha is highly livelihood intensive as it provides a livelihood and boosts the income of the livestock farmers, particularly for the small and marginal holdings, besides rendering protein supplementation and food security.

The contribution of livestock output to the state incomes is substantial as it contributes to the state’s GDP has been rising year-on-year. In India, livestock production accounts for 21% of the nation’s GDP.

With a human population of 4.4 crores, livestock plays a vital role in the rural economy of Odisha. It is a crucial economic activity that generates up to 30% of their income.

The livestock wealth of Odisha is impressive in numbers across all species, constituting a natural resource base with immense livelihood options. Odisha is home to 99 Lakh cattles, 4.5 Lakh buffaloes, 64 Lakh goats, 13 Lakh sheeps, 1.3 Lakh pigs, and 2.47 Crores poultry birds.

The dairy and poultry development activities are being accelerated to augment livestock productivity in milk, meat, and egg, contributing to food production and alleviating rural poverty.

The Department is implementing programs with the intervention of the State and Central Government schemes and initiatives for breeding, feeding, and management of livestock and poultry on scientific methods through the Directorate of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services, Odisha.

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