Livestock Inspectors’ Training Centre

  • There are 3 Livestock Inspectors Training Institutes working in the state.
  • The prime objective of these training institute is to train the livestock inspectors of the state.
  • Every training centre is equipped with a Training Hall, Laboratory and 100 bedded Hostel for the trainees.

The following training programmes are being conducted for the Livestock Inspectors.

  1. Refreshers Training Programme for Technical efficiency.
    • Fodder Production
    • Animal Diseases and its control
    • Livestock Breeding
    • Sample collection and dispatch.
    • Small animal Development
    • Backyard Poultry production
    • Microscopy
  2. Social Skill/ Soft Skill development
    • Basic Extension Skill
    • Social Mobilisation
  3. Basic Course for Livestock Inspectors
    • The selected livestock Inspectors undergo 10 months basic course at Departmental Training Institute before engagement in the field. The Course curricula and the schedule is regularly being revisited.