ଗୁରୁତ୍ୱପୂର୍ଣ୍ଣ କାର୍ଯ୍ୟ।ବଳୀ

Key Functions:

1. Coordinate and provide support services for Scheme implementation
2. Liaising with various wings of Directorate such as Fodder Development, Small Animal Development, Dairy Development, Poultry Development, Self Employment, Planning etc. for information sharing
3. Preparing hardware and software requirements, along with other technical specifications by identifying key activity and sub-activity of important schemes
4. Building data bank on various aspects of the ongoing schemes for ready reference and future use
5. Preparing Database on Veterinary Service Institution profile and update on monthly basis
6. Develop database of farmers benefitted under various ongoing schemes of Department
7. Develop guidelines to support effective implementation of Schemes of the Department.
8. Development of monitoring checklist and reporting format for collecting Data from field
9. Monitor implementation of Schemes and activities with physical and financial progress by developing Management Information System Software
10. Collection, compilation, analyzing, updating desired information on the progress and status of scheme
11. Keeping data in an organized, safe manner for retrieval of data at the time of need
12. Data Compilation, Analysis and presenting reports
13. Inputting, organizing, and retrieving information from the system as and when required
14. Produce analytical reports on progress of schemes to facilitate effective fund management
15. Undertaking such assignments as may be entrusted to SPMU by Director, AH & VS

Benefits of Setting up of SPMU:

i. Collection and centralization of field-level data and the communication of data to relevant quarter
ii. Gradual Replacement of paper based data collection and monitoring system to digitalized system
iii. Instant availability of data on important Schemes implemented by Department
iv. Improvement in Process management and Decision making by using reliable information
v. Collecting and providing feedback in real time, so as to facilitate citizen centric services.
vi. Monitoring of physical and financial progress by capturing activity wise monthly progress as per the annual work plan and budget
vii. Generation of reports as per the pre-designed structure
viii. Monitor progress in implementation of various Schemes/ Project activities
ix. Act as an evaluating agency as and when so desired by the Government
x. Get real-time information from field level
xi. Granular Data for better assessment and analysis
xii. Impactful Monitoring mechanism, smooth Progress of the day to day operations
xiii. To keep track of the bottlenecks arising in field level and subsequent mitigation plan.
xiv. Trend analysis and Road Map