Over last few years, the activities of the Directorate of AH & VS, Odisha has increased manifold and lot of farmer welfare schemes under State plan, Centrally Sponsored plan, RKVY have been launched and it is expected that such trend will continue to implement such schemes in Animal Husbandry Sector, which is very significant for doubling farmers’ income. As the services in this sector are diverse in nature, they require multiple institutions with divergent functions for their effective delivery. Here comes the importance of monitoring of the activities of these institutions. But the apex institutions in the state to monitor these activities lack facilities and professional competency to address the need of the whole state. As a result, the monitoring mechanism becomes somewhat adhoc in nature. So, there arises establishment of a State Project Monitoring Unit (SPMU) at the state level for better monitoring and smooth delivery of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry activities in the state.

The primary role of the SPMU will be to monitor the Veterinary and Animal Husbandry activities up to the grass-root (Gram Panchayat) level. The PMU will act as the liaising agency between the field level institutions and the Directorate with link to the Administrative Department. SPMU has to collect all the relevant information relating to the activities from the field level institutions, analyse it, suggest corrective measures for smooth implementation of different Govt. programmes and finally transmit the information to the higher quarters i.e. DAH&VS, Odisha and GoO.



  • To offer decision support services that cover the components of Scheme implementation, Scheme monitoring and evaluation, supervision and advisory services including capacity building.
  • To monitor various aspects relating to the ongoing State and Centrally Sponsored Schemes in the Department.
  • To get control over the data pertaining to the status, expenditure, scheme wise progress, impact and risks associated.
  • To keep track of the various schemes, its implementation strategy and outcomes.
  • To ease and assist the Directorate for smooth operation in terms of Scheme roll out, strategize future Road Map on day to day basis.
  • To identify the field level requirement and take appropriate steps for the fulfillment in consultation with the Directorate.
  • To ensure Transparency and quick delivery of administrative and financial activities


Location of the Cell:

– The SPMU will function at Directorate of AH & VS, Odisha, Cuttack.
– PIU at District level with a lean structure of one Data analyst